Email quota and management


All mailboxes have been increased from 400MB to 1000MB (1GB). That’s good news of course, but I always recommend you manage your email storage as a matter of routine in the same way you would manage your filing cabinet. If you don’t delete or move emails (& you’re using IMAP), particularly those with large attachments, then eventually your mailbox will be full up and you’ll no longer receive emails. In addition, your contacts/customers will receive an error message.

Tips for email management:

a. Do you really need all those sent items? They’re easy to forget! But I suggest going through them and deleting them every now and again.

b. When you delete an email, it normally goes into Trash or Deleted. So you’ll need to empty those folders too.

c. Those large photo’s build up! 15MB, 30MB, 60MB+ emails are not so uncommon anymore and quickly add up. If they aren’t necessary, delete them (from deleted/trash too). If they are necessary, I recommend moving them to a folder outside of your IMAP folder….