How it works

With my professional web design service, I build your website from a blank canvas. But there are a lot of stages in between which ensure the project is managed efficiently and the final result is a beautiful, easy to use website which is well ranked in the search engines.

Good to talk

1. Talk is good:

The first stage is for us to talk. Whether that is on the telephone, Skype or in person in your office or perhaps over lunch. I will want to know about your business, what services/products it offers, some background information, what’s important to you etc. I would like to know about your customers, who they are, their age, gender, what you feel their expectations are. We’ll talk about important wording that is directly related to your business, words your customers might use. These will then be implemented into the design.

I’ll also ask about your brand. A brand is much more than a logo or colour. It’s how your customers feel about you when they hear your name. But a logo and colours help :) And I would like to know if you have a logo and whether or not you have the original artwork, as well as any branding guidelines I need to adhere to. It’s important to be consistent with your branding across all mediums, digital and print - if you have signage then that too! If you don’t have anything, then we can talk about incorporating this as we go.


2. Proposal:

I’ll provide you with a proposal based upon our conversation and my understanding of what you require and what we agreed to work on. There may be additional recommendations or options for you to consider. Once you sign off on that, we can get going.

Research & Discovery

3. Research & Discovery:

I spend a good amount of time looking into your area of business, researching what others do, looking at inspiration which may fit with our objectives.

Information Architecture

4. Information Architecture:

It’s important to know what pages we will need and how these may be linked to the user experience. Every website visitor comes to you for a reason. Our job is to not only give the user the information they are looking for, but to ensure they find it as quickly as possible. This increases the probability of converting the user into a customer.


5. Wireframes:

Wireframes will be created to demonstrate the overall layout of the website on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices. A wireframe, as the name suggests shows just the outline of the website based upon all of the previous steps. The wireframe consists of all the different pages which are linked together, enabling you to navigate through the site in the same way the user will with the finished website. There are no colours or design features at this stage. This allows us to test the user experience without concerning ourselves with design aspects. The user experience is by far the most important and it gives clarity on the design to make the latter stages easier....


6. Prototypes:

I then begin to add colour and theming to the wireframe to convert it into a fully functional mockup. As with the bare-bones wireframe, you can get a feel for the user-experience but now in full colour!

website build

7. Build:

Once we’re all happy with the user-experience and overall structure and layout, I begin the website build. A link is provided so that you can see progress.

SEO icon

8. SEO:

Your website will be search engine friendly and this is achieved partly by building with the latest standards and including necessary keywords. However, it is no longer the case (and hasn’t been for some time) that you can just fill the page with repeated keywords. Search is all about relevance to the user. Google (the main search engine) works very hard to ensure quality of it’s results. Lots of things change in SEO but over the years one thing for certain has remained - good quality, relevant content, “content is king” (or queen if you prefer). So if possible, we should work with a professional copywriter who has experience of SEO and is able to work with us.

Please Contact me to get started on your project, or just to talk through your ideas.