Content Management Systems (CMS)

Manage your own website content

Choice Between:


Perch CMS


  • Easy to use admin
  • No themes/templates
  • Complete design freedom
  • Fast
  • Good support
  • Add-ons for blog, gallery, shop + more


  • Small one-off license fee
  • More complex integration process




  • Easy to Install
  • Themes to get started quickly
  • Plenty of add-ons to get things done
  • Easy to use/update basic content
  • Free to use
  • Ideal for low budget websites


  • Tends to run slowly (bad for SEO)
  • Uses theme templating system so your website often isn’t unique
  • Potential security holes due to open source nature
  • Can be complicated for larger websites
  • WordPress websites are often recognisable. (It’s important to be unique)
  • Big system, unnecessary code

WordPress was originally a blog platform but has been used as a full website solution with a themed based PHP driven framework. WordPress is ideal if you’re on a low budget because you can be up and running in minutes. 1-click installation, choose a theme and you’re all set. Of course, the theme can then be customised to suit your content and that will take more time but WordPress is a good, low budget option for website management. One downside of WordPress is that it tends to be very slow. That’s something I will discuss in a later blog. Another issue is the templating system. All themes are developed by third parties so your website will not be custom made to fit your business (unless you have a custom theme developed).

Enter Perch CMS

Over the last year I’ve been getting to know Perch CMS. It is the best content management system I’ve come across in ten years in web design. As such I now offer Perch integration with all websites.

Why is Perch CMS so good?

Perch CMS doesn’t interfere with the way a website is built. It doesn’t use themes so I am able to provide you with a bespoke website, designed exactly to your business requirements and still provide all the functionality you would need to edit your own content. This may include simple text, a gallery, adding new pages, or even an ecommerce website. There is a fixed price for the license, for which we work into the budget, but ultimately the price charged by Perch is the price you pay.

If you’d like to discuss integrating a CMS with your website, please get in touch