Email quota and management

Mailbox Full

All mailboxes have been increased from 400MB to 1000MB (1GB). That’s good news of course, but I always recommend you manage your email storage as a matter of routine in the same way you would manage your filing cabinet. If you don’t delete or move emails (& you’re using IMAP), particularly those with large attachments, then eventually your mailbox will be full up and you’ll no longer receive emails. In addition, your contacts/customers will receive an error message.

Tips for email management:

  • a. Do you really need all those sent items? They’re easy to forget! But I suggest going through them and deleting them every now and again.
  • b. When you delete an email, it normally goes into Trash or Deleted. So you’ll need to empty those folders too.
  • c. Those large photo’s build up! 15MB, 30MB, 60MB+ emails are not so uncommon anymore and quickly add up. If they aren’t necessary, delete them (from deleted/trash too). If they are necessary, I recommend moving them to a folder outside of your IMAP folder….

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