So you have a website and you’re not entirely happy with it. It could be because it’s not aesthetically pleasing, something isn’t working (form fault), your website isn’t showing in Google (or other search engines) and/or you’re not getting any enquiries.

  • The first step is to get in touch so that we can look over the website and make an initial assessment.
  • Upon agreement, I will then look through the site in more detail and provide you with a report detailing my recommendations.
  • If the issue is search engine related, I will, with your permission (and access to the website), make the recommended changes. It can take anywhere from a few days (for minor issues) to weeks or more. Once agreed results are achieved, I will invoice you amount discussed.

Terms of Offer:

If the work is visual enhancements, I may request an initial payment, but this really depends on the situation. I reserve the right to decline to provide a report.

If your website is not working hard enough for you, lease get in touch. I have the experience to help change that.