IT Support Norwich

For existing clients, I’m always on hand to provide IT support be it email issues, file management or internet connectivity

IT Support Norwich

I understand and have seen many examples of people running a business struggling to manage storage on their computer systems. In my observations, it’s usually because you are too busy to worry about deleting this file, or where to store this file. It’s like your home, when you come back from work, it’s quite easy to just put that piece of paper on the TV unit, or the kitchen worktop. On it’s own it doesn’t cause a problem, but eventually as more and more pieces get left lying around, the house becomes a mess, you can’t find anything. A computer is just the same, and when it’s full up, it slows down, you can’t find what you want, you can’t perform security update and you get frustrated.

By creating an efficient filing system and exercising some good habits, you will find using your computer much easier and you will experience less problems.

As an existing client, I can visit you at your home or office and advise you on these issues. I can show you how to organise files, where to store those critical emails and anything else you’re struggling with.

How I can support you:

  • Email set up
  • Email troubleshooting
  • General computer troubleshooting
  • File management (organising files & folders)
  • Software & security updates

If you would like some advice regarding your computer system, or a specific issue, please get in touch