In collaboration with my long term client and internationally respected, EASA & IATA approved security training company Be Secure International, I have helped develop a complex scenario based, elearning system for Lufthansa, the National German Airline.

The program consists of 4 modules and introduces the concepts of dealing with aggressive or unruly passengers in the aviation industry. It teaches ground and air staff how to recognise and de-escalate potentially difficult situations.

Module 1Module 1
Module 1 begins with an introduction and helps students to understand "triggers" which might lead to a person become unruly or aggressive.
Module 2Module 2
Module 2 explains the potential indicators people may show when they are about to become aggressive. The student is prompted to select an area of the image to identify who is showing signs of potentially agressive behaviour. In the image shown, the passenger in the middle has pursed lips. Once clicked, feedback appears.
Module 2Module 2 Questions
In this example, the student has 3 options to choose from, and the feedback appears at the bottom once a choice is made.
Module 3 videoModule 3 Video
Module 3 describes forms of aggression, and how to effectively deal with each type. The image here is a screenshot from a video describing "expressive aggressive behaviour" and has a voice over explaining how to recognise and deal with this situation.
Module 3 Drag and DropModule 3 Drag and Drop
After all three videos have played, written feedback is provided and at the end, a drag and drop quiz is provided to test the students understanding of this module.
Module 4Module 4 Video Scenarios
Module 4 is the scenario based training which consists of 300+ video scenes (12 German based, 6 English based) which we filmed at an the airport in Germany with professional actors and film crew. Lufthansa staff were used to communicate with the actors who played the part of an unhappy guest. The staff had to deal with different situations such as missed flights, invalid visas, overweight baggage and much more. How the staff member responds to the passenger is controlled by the user via 3 options at the end of each video sequence. The passenger will become less ormore aggressive, depending on the students choices. Eventually, feedback will be given to explain how well the student did in dealing with the passenger.

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