You’re perhaps in a position whereby you have started or plan to start a new business and you know the importance of having an effective website. I would love the opportunity to have a chat to see how I can help support you and your business.

I can provide:

  • A website which is built using the latest standards.
  • Is accessible to all users (a legal requirement)
  • Responsive. Which is to be optimised for all devices, from large desktop screens, to tablets, and mobile devices.
  • I will ensure your new website is search engine friendly and search engine optimised. I will ensure it appears in Google and if I think I am unable to do that, I will not accept the work.

Terms of offer:

  • Offer is subject to my acceptance of your project.
  • Up to 50% (depending on project value) is required prior to start of project. You’ll be refunded in the event I fail to deliver on my promises, but this is subject to my discretion.

If you do not have a business website and would like to work with somebody as passionate about your business as you, please get in touch