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Why starting a new web design might be easier

When starting a new project, I’m sometimes asked if I can work with what you already have. The quick answer is probably not. So why not? There are a couple of examples why it may not work. If you’re a new customer, somebody else built your website and now you’re moving to my service. That READ MORE

Dealing with junk in your mailbox

Junk email is a big problem for everyone. Everyday I receive 20-30 junk emails which I immediately delete. By logging in to your web hosting control panel and locating the junk mail option, you can easily set the level of your junk mail filters to try to reduce the number of emails received. You have READ MORE

Email quota and management

All mailboxes have been increased from 400MB to 1000MB (1GB). That’s good news of course, but I always recommend you manage your email storage as a matter of routine in the same way you would manage your filing cabinet. If you don’t delete or move emails (& you’re using IMAP), particularly those with large attachments, READ MORE