Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce website design

Get selling your products in as little as a month with my ecommerce solutions

I offer two main options for ecommerce. These are inline with my content management systems page. I offer the use of Perch CMS or WordPress CMS and the best option really depends on your requirements and/or budget.

Perch is a lightweight, unobtrusive (it doesn’t slow the website down) CMS which allows complete freedom in web design. Your website would be designed from the ground up and follow the web design process.

WordPress on the other hand is a larger, more obtrusive system which uses pre-built themes. Whilst it is prone to slow down your website, it comes with a wide range of options, including WooCommerce, which instantly gives you all of the functionality you need to be up and running (or selling) quickly.

We should use WordPress if you have a low budget or if you need to get your project up and running quickly. If you have the budget and really want to have a fast, unique shop, then Perch may be the best option.

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