An aethestically pleasing website is very nice! But if your target
market cannot find you, you’ve wasted your time & money

Search engine optimisation is a critical part of any website project

If you have a website, it’s almost certain that you’d like existing and potential customers to be able to find it. Sometimes they might type your business name, but if they don’t know your business, then they may search Google (or other search engine) using descriptive terms to describe the type of service they are looking for.

For example. If you’re a search engine optimisation company in Norwich, people are likely to search for search engine optimisation company Norwich! The words used are known as keywords or keyphrases. The level of competition for your relevant keywords depends upon the type of business you operate. If you happen to own a business selling bright green elephants in Norwich for example then I’m guessing it would be quite a straight forward process to get you to the top. If you provide search engine optimisation services, you’re going to find the competition quite stiff to say the least. You’re most likely somewhere in between the two examples.

So lets say you’re a builder in Norwich, or a heating engineer covering the whole of Norfolk. Perhaps you’re an accountant in London. How do I help ensure people can find you?

Search engines operate on the basis of providing people with "relevant" search results. My approach would depend on whether or not I’m designing a new website or working with a website designed by another company.

All new websites are designed with search engines in mind. This includes the structure (the code used to create the website), and researching/discussing important keywords, then ensuring these are added in the right places. For existing websites, I’d perform an analysis of your website and make recommendations for changes. You’ll be surprised how simple changes can dramatically improve your search visibility.

Search engine optimisation takes time. Whilst it’s quite easy to get strong positions on less competitve keywords, it can still takes days or weeks to see real progress. More competitive keywords take longer, but overall, SEO is an ongoing concern. Keeping content fresh, staying on top of changes to Google guidelines etc are vital.

If your website is not showing in Google, or you’re paying too much for too little, please Get in touch today to see how I can help you. If I think I can’t help you, I will say so.