Why starting a new web design might be easier

New Web Design

When starting a new project, I’m sometimes asked if I can work with what you already have. The quick answer is probably not.

So why not?

There are a couple of examples why it may not work. If you’re a new customer, somebody else built your website and now you’re moving to my service. That might be because the previous provider is no longer active, but often it’s because you are disatisfied in some way. If the website isn’t working for you, then we need to look at the reasons for that. In most cases, the website I inherit is not well designed or built. When I say a well “built” website, I’m referring to it’s structure which is the code that you do not see when viewing in your web browser. If the code is bad, it is likely not optimised for search engines. A well structured website shows Google (and others) what is the most relevant information which can help your search position.

In addition, rather than sifting through an existing website to make changes, it’s quicker to start fresh which means less time and less money for you. There may be nice ideas on the website which could be used and/or developed further so I would also look at that.

If you have an outdated website that isn’t bringing you new business, I’d love to have a chat with you to see if I can help. Please get in touch for a no-obligation conversation.